The Libyan Center was established in 1987 by a group of engineers to demonstrate everything related to computers (HARDWARE - SOFTWARE)

We have built various banking systems for some Libyan banks.
For DIEBOLD NIXDORF machines, after obtaining agencies from a company
We have been marketing and installing this type of machinery since 2007 and we have supplied
most of the Libyan banks with these machines.

We mention for example :

  • The National Commercial Bank.
  • The sahara Bank.
  • WAHA Bank.
  • Arab Consensus Bank.
  • WAHDA Bank.
  • North African Bank.
  • Assaray Bank.
  • Yaqeen Bank.
  • Andalus Bank.

Our Services

The number of imported machines to Libya has reached more than 500, both external and internal, deposits and other features. Money exchange, some of which are designed to change foreign currencies. Other This type of machine proved highly efficient and works in all climates.

The center has a team of Libyan engineers who are highly trained and have training centers. The company abroad to maintain the machines technically and programmatically, and these people maintain all these devices differently Libya in the east, south and west, according to signed contracts with various banks and the provision of services. From the headquarters of the center in Tripoli and Benghazi.

The Center also maintains a sizeable stock of spare parts and accessories G&D is the sole agent for counting, sorting and managing securities of the company. This company is considered one of the oldest and largest international companies specialized in managing Financial management We have Libyan engineers who specialize in this field.

Our Goals

Providing products and services to banks and designing programs and solutions that meet their needs while applying the highest international standards of quality services and offering various and diverse investment opportunities and projects that strengthen our investment base and develop our business relationship with the constant pursuit of excellence in our performance.

Our success in achieving these goals is based on internal procedures and laws that guarantee our ability to serve our customers and exceed their expectations, with a team of competent engineers working according to administrative plans developed professionally to win the satisfaction of our customers and achieve the vision of our partners

We also aim to build and establish a long-term relationship with our customers.

Our message

Providing our services with high quality and in a different way that distinguishes us from our competitors, providing the highest levels of performance and transparency and serving our customers in a way that is consistent with their requirements and expectations, and working to have our mark and distinct identity in all of our work, through innovation and excellence in our operational, marketing and administrative operations to achieve the aspirations of our customers.

Our Vision

To be the pioneers in providing software services and various machines to facilitate Banking and keeping up with progress, we take care of our customers, partners and employees to always be the best.

Our Partners

Our Customers

Contact Us

  • Tripoli - Omar Almoktar Street | Benghazi
Phone Numbers
  • +218 91 312 4226